Improving of Livelihood as a buying agent

After the long buying season that GADC has had in the 2017/18 season has come to an end, many community members have been excited after receiving an income. The many trucks that were hired by the company for over six months have now left with smiles on their faces.

The buying agents that were heavily involved in the buying process have also earned an income. Oryema Geoffrey has emerged the best buying agent buying over 300 tons of cotton and over 250 tons of sesame. Oryema opened up six stores with six sub agents to help him with managing the stores and for efficient management, he employed his wife and made her his business partner who would supervise some stores as he supervised the others. “this season I was anticipating to buy a large volume of crop. To achieve this I had to make my wife a business partner who would help me supervise the stores that were close to home as i supervised the stores far away.” 

to also help the buying agents beat the competition that was very still, GADC gave out motorcycle loans to the buying agents to ease the crop collection to their stores for easy pickup by the trucks disperched by the company. Oryema applied for one and also helped one of his sub buying agents apply for one “the competition became so stiff and to beat my competitors, i had to apply for the motorcycle loan and this quickened my deliveries. i also helped one of my sub- buying agents who also got a motorcycle and we were able to beat off the competition”

“the motorcycles were also not delivering what i had expected and i had to look out for a truck to help me with the deliveriries. i paid a deposit for the truck and then had to work harder such that i could earn more profits through commissions which would help me clear off the debt” Oryema from his savings of the last season 2016/17 paid the initial deposit and paid off the balance at the end of this season using his earned commission.

to manage the business very well, oryema balanced the books with his sub agents and this helped him avoid any losses “Oryema would always come after we made

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