Investing in GADC Cotton means investing in sustainable livelihoods for our smallholder farmers, environmentally friendly practices, and certified products of the highest quality.

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Gulu Agricultural Development Company
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GADC is a member of the Uganda Ginners and Cotton Exporters Association and works closely with the UGCA to provide agri-inputs and farming equipment to farmers


Cotton Value Chain


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Training programmes and support on agronomic best practice

Access to financial services

Business skills development

Agri-inputs and farming equipment

GADC has an expansive extension network. We provide pre-financing for our buying agents who then create market access for remote farmers by purchasing their crops for cash. GADC organizes the transport means to get the unprocessed cotton to our ginneries.

The cotton Lint is separated from the seed at our ginneries in Gulu, Kitgum and Rhino Camp. We classify each lint bale with a unique traceability code, process, package and then export to our domestic and international buyers.


A small portion of seed is returned to the farmers via the Cotton Development Organisation who clean and prepare it for the following season.


The seeds are milled into cottonseed oil (used for cooking) and our much-loved cottonseed cake (a major ingredient for animal feed.)


The final product is our world-class cotton lint.


Experience & Quality

With our CEO, Bruce Robertson, being Chairman of the Cotton Ginners and Exporters Association in Uganda, as well as a team of farmers and agronomists who have decades of experience working with conventional and organic cotton, GADC commits to meeting our large demands whilst maintaining the highest quality.


“Our value chains start with interventions to improve both yield and livelihoods of farmers.” - Bruce Robertson, CEO

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Farmer Testimonials

“Growing cotton has helped send our children to school, buy the school uniform and put food on the table to make them strong and healthy. I am a proud mother now, I never thought it possible.” - Atine Justine, Cotton Farmer