Quality Assurance & Certifications






GADC delivers the highest quality products to our customers whilst incorporating fair trade and ethical principles into our business. This is ensured by our stringent systems in place and closely monitored by our quality control team. We fully conform to the international certifications listed above.  

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Product Traceability

GADC’s traceability system involves each product being labelled with a unique code that allows you to track our products throughout the value chain (from the organic farmer to transport, storage, processing and shipment). Over a decade of building an extensive network between the farmers and our team at GADC that stretches across northern Uganda allows such traceability to be possible. Each season, our team conducts farmer training projects creating the opportunity for smallholder farmers across the region to be certified organic. This allows some farmers to access premium market prices whilst we monitor and maintain both organic and conventional farming principles in order to meet our competitive market demands.

Internal Control System (ICS)

Our integrated Internal Control System enables us to both optimize and monitor the quality of our products throughout the value chain. Our facilities have grown to become one of a kind in East Africa, as we have heavily invested in the best processing machinery, imported mostly from Europe, in order to ensure the highest quality products for our customers. This is confirmed by accredited local and international laboratories such as SGS who perform stringent sampling and quality testing. GADC is well-established as an important player in Africa's cotton market and is becoming more prominent in the organic sesame market. These are crucial developments that ensure an increasing impact and source of livelihood for smallholder farmers in northern Uganda.

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