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With one of East Africa's leading processing and cleaning facilities, GADC's Organic Sesame remains extremely competitive in both the national and international market.

Farmer Training & Organic Certification

GADC staff have decades of experience in implementing farmer training programmes, many of which are funded through our public-private partnerships. The programmes help boost crop yields and enable organic certification. These actions have a profound impact on the livelihoods of the local farming communities and refugee camps where we work, providing both food security and a source of income.

Post-Harvest Handling

Our farmers have learned to adapt to the increasing demands of the organic market advancing from traditional methods such as winnowing to using specially designed static cleaners that reach up to 98.5% quality in the field.


GADC implements specific training on the best post-harvest handling practices as we believe this is one of the most important steps in our agricultural value chains.



Cleaning & Processing

We are highly innovative and are continually investing in improving our processing and cleaning systems. Our central cleaning facility is one of a kind in East Africa, housing the world's most competitive sesame cleaning machines imported from Germany.


We follow cleaning with UV treatment after which the sesame undergoes stringent quality testing by authorised bodies such as SGS.

Storage & Shipment

GADC's latest innovation is packaging into large CO2 compressed bags. This significantly reduces the risk of insect contamination during shipment as well as drastically increasing shelf-life.


Although costly, it honours our commitment to providing our customers with the highest quality products and an environmentally sustainable value chain.


Casual Worker Testimonial

“Our sesame operations have grown a lot. We started with only a small amount of sesame to clean and now we have built a huge warehouse with sesame to the roof. I have also been promoted and trained by the German technicians to manage all of the new cleaning and UV machines. I am always learning and am very grateful for that. The care of our staff and the quality of the sesame makes me very proud indeed.” - Okello Dennis, Shift Leader at the Sesame Processing Plant in Gulu