Sustainable Asset Finance Scheme For Organic Cotton Farmers In Gulu

As a means of expanding cotton and sesame production, building community financial capability and diversifying the sourcing model, GADC has established an agriculture-specific asset finance scheme for rural farmers in Gulu.

GADC has embarked on the Development and implementation of a sustainable asset finance scheme for organic cotton farmers in Gulu, Northern Uganda

This is a project implemented with grant funding from GIZ. The duration of this project is May 15th 2017 to October 15th 2019. The Project budget is Euro 299,597.

 The Project covers 5,000 farmers in Gulu region of Northern Uganda

The Project has the objective to sustainably increase the access of local organic cotton smallholder farmers to asset finance. At the end of the assignment 5,000 cotton smallholder farmers in Gulu have access to sustainable locally available and medium term (beyond the project time frame of 3 years) finance for productive asset (loans)

  The key results involved in this process include:

  1. Setting-up asset finance system and disburse agricultural asset finance product:
  2. Sourcing and testing agricultural loan assets for the specific local context:
  3. Implementing a credit risk scoring methodology and training:
  4. Conducting context-sensitive asset and financial literacy trainings, using a VSLA approach: