The Small holder Development Unit (SDU)

GADC has been implementing the Small Holder asset financing project with Agdevco’s small holder development Unit with co funding from Agdevco an impact investor in Africa, since August 2016. This is a two year Project till July 2018

AgDevCo established an internal Smallholder Development Unit (SDU) which works with rural agricultural enterprises to develop equitable outgrower schemes.  The SDU is intended to boost productivity and incomes for smallholder farmers

This project covers 300 VSLA;s  in the Lamwo district and 200 in Pader distrct respectively These 500 VSLA’s comprise of 15,000 farmers The VSLA’s are drawn from 13 Subcounties in Lamwo and Pader District. Four subcounties are in Pader district namely; Atanga, Laguti, Acholibur, Latanya, while nine subcounties are in Lamwo i.e  East,Padibe T/C, Paloga, Lokung and Potika  Palabek Ogili, Palabek Kal, Palabek Gem, Padibe West, Padibe

The 2-year SDU program is valued at $923, 045 with GADC contributing $414,471  (45%) and SDU contributing $508,574 (55%) covers Layered extension services, intended to improve farmers productivity and Household income by training and supporting 500 VSLA’s.

Developing the farmer credit history and implementing loan monitoring tools.

Providing inclusive demand driven asset loans for basic tillage and other yield improving assets to 500 borrowers. As well as improving access to financial services and financial literacy for rural communities, while improving farmer/ borrower access to markets.

The  project  covers activities such as  VSLA registration, VSLA modular training, VSLA  borrower database and analysis, Insurance Enrollment Database, Farming as a business Video screening to VSLA’s, Asset Training, Insurance Training, Field Days, Loan Officer Training and loan disbursement